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Veronica [userpic]

(no subject)

May 28th, 2011 (02:38 pm)


Veronica [userpic]

today i decided to start studying

April 24th, 2010 (11:59 pm)

current mood: stressed

 today i decided to study by printing...other people's SHB notes.

this took a long time because my printer broke down halfway.

So I spent an hour abusing it, yelling at it, before i hit it really hard. Now my hand hurts a lot.

Then I got really angry.

So I decided to trash my room.

And because I was feeling really spiteful, my dad's study room.

I have since then calmed down.

Veronica [userpic]


November 5th, 2006 (07:01 pm)

current mood: amused




Quote of the Day

ME (sarcastically): Oh, I'm so devastated. Let me contemplate suicide. Suggest a suitable method, plz.
CINDY: Jump from Po Man's head.
ME: How ingenius! But that will kill Po Man t--... good point. I can bring her down with me!
CINDY: EXACTLY! (two birds with one stone)

Veronica [userpic]

i love screenshots

October 23rd, 2006 (10:30 pm)

current location: hell
current mood: pensive
current song: Vivica - Jack Off Jill

ahhhh, iPod. My baby.

Po Man is a loser. =P (found this)

and this is the time rachel freaked out

fuck it, I might as well dedicate this entry to Po the Man.
But this is an amusing pic which sisi sent me and features kame as a woman

Veronica [userpic]

swish la de la swish

October 21st, 2006 (08:15 pm)

current mood: tired
current song: Playgrount Love (Air)

Today has been a good day.

Highlight of the Day
Eating lunch with my maths tutor buddies (ahhhh, we room and enjoy parabolas together). We spent twenty minutes debating on which restaurant, with me rooting for nice Sushi Train restaurant (has the most beautiful-looking sushi rolls I swear) to Mengxi Zhang and her adamant refusal to spend more than five dollars on mere food (yes, why waste money on nutrition when you can invest it  on a larger textbook? =]

So we settle for this weird looking restuarant which claims to "hand make" their noodles. Then we spend a further twenty minutes debating what to eat, and fighting over what the difference between "boiled" and "in soup" really was.

Oh, let us try another restaurant next time. Can we plz plz plz plz plz go to the Sushi Train? (drools)... or at least go and eat buttered snails (I've always wanted to try la snails)

 All this talk and reminscing about foot is REALLY making me drool. I shall sit here and think about unattractive things.

Oh. Well, thinking about unattractive things lead me to think about attractive things and I was thinking how sad that Jin Akanishi is leaving KAT TUN to go "focus on his linguistics". This is quite a pity, because Jin is quite a nice-looking young thing (especially after his successful plastic surgery). Rumour has it that his temporary absence is not because of a sudden itch to recover his education, but because of his dalliances with young children and his impulsive molestation of a fourteen year old female. In that case, he is an idiot to have been caught, the fourteen year old girl was not unfortunate and may Cindy Wang envy her forever.

 Tee hee.

And because I am very, very bored.

and since I was bored, I looked at my chat logs.
And discovered that I talk way too much for my own good.

These are the main people responsible for distracting me from a high UAI.

Veronica [userpic]

blogging this happily

October 16th, 2006 (10:22 pm)

current mood: chipper
current song: Night's 7th Chapter (Jay Chou)

First day back at school, and already I'm bombarded with homework that I know I'll never do. Teachers should take the hint. Gah.

Except for maths. Because there are book marks. So you'll have to do the homework.

I flinch every single time a teacher goes, "SO YEAR 12?"

Not that there is anything wrong with being in denial.

Run down of ze day (feel very busy, like a bee).

Projectile motion. Copied stuff from board. Have already filled up two pages of my brilliant new physics exercise book. Go me. I am well on the way to becoming a model student, huzzah.

Maths is  like torture. You can take it in small doses, but non-stop ninety minutes of it is enough to make any normal person give up and curl into a small ball. Homework is compulsory now. Life sucks. Wasted two hours of my life at home, struggling and strangling, and hating inverse functions with fiery passion. I hate inverse functions. I hate drawing them too. I have a feeling I wouldn't hate them if I didn't keep on getting them wrong though.

So yes. We spent 80 minutes doing inverse functions and 10 minutes getting acquainted with numbers which don't exist. But it is enough. Reality has sunk in. As my good math buddies agree (aka Liya, Mandy and stupid mengxi zhang), you don't realise you're in year 12 until you've had your first four unit maths lesson (well in Liya's case, first four u english lesson).

Oh my effing gosh. Actually did work.
Didn't feel like I did any work tho. Was in zombie-like trance due to near starvation. Could only concentrate on own stomach growling for nutrition and junk food. Did not help either that we analysed Wind in the Willows in nice glossy HSC booklet and Toad was showing his friends all his food. For God's sake, wanted to eat Toad and friends.

Got sheets. Learnt something about ethylene. Chem is still the best time of gossip. Yippee.

Got told off by Flanagan in very scary way. Quite unfair considering that I took great pains to be subtle. Hmph. I suppose it was the smiling which gave it away, because really, nobody, smiles at enzymes these days.

Oh, and look at that. The whole summary of my day.
The home part was less eventful. I spent two hours stabbing inverse functions, an hour tackling marketing strategies (have resolved to start studying ag NOW), another hour re-reading Mars manga (bought it in year nine, revisiting old memories) and spent the rest online.

Not a bad start to the year. =)

Veronica [userpic]


October 9th, 2006 (02:39 pm)

current location: writhing in my own wisdom
current mood: jubilant
current song: the gentle hum of an understanding computer


it is called


we feel that we are humanitarians fighting in the deadly sea that is humanity.

Our book is very profound.

Contributions are of course welcome.

Our book has quirky ideas and self-help articles.

I present to you, our first line of wisdom:

"IF you don't have it, you won't eat it".

This is for women afraid of expanding their waist line.

Veronica [userpic]

I pen my wisdom here

October 7th, 2006 (10:18 pm)
Tags: ,

current location: glaring at my own reflection
current mood: tired
current song: Star No Star - Jack Off Jill

I write here again, a saner creature than I was last time. Because since the last time I felt your presence reading this, I have successfully consumed hours and hours of fine entertainment.

I have finally finished Gravitation  and all the gay mangas on http://hackthemainstream.com. I have also finished some of the Kaori Yuki mangas which my annoying friend who calls herself Cindy Wang generously gave me.

I now need more. So dear Cindy, be a kind and fruitful soul and send me a list of some of the sites you haunt frequently.

In other news, I went shopping today. I decided to pray homage to my inner bookworm and bought books, to my parents' consternation.

My book collection is looking brilliant at the moment.

So how are my holidays?

Well, the good news is that I've been reading. The bad news is that I've been reading so much, my eyes do a weird zoning out thing every now and then. Ever since the holidays have started, I have read more books than I have this whole term. Ho hum. I'm feeling all literary too.

Darling Rachel, beloved ibis, you who lent me my soul's exaltation (aka Gravitation and omfg, I'm bursting into rhyme....=O), you know how you're actually a history buff? And remember your obsession with Henry VIII's failed six marriages? Well, there is a very nice one out that I bought today. It is v. good. I think you would like it too because the brother is hot, and gay. Then he gets all beheaded and things get less sexy, but nevertheless if you still want to borrow it... *dangles it like a fishing line where you are my fat blue-eyed tuna*

Veronica [userpic]


October 5th, 2006 (03:18 pm)

current location: glued to the computer screen
current mood: good

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh *sighs like an eighty year old fangirl*
I love it <3

Some more priceless quotes.

SHUICHI: I want to live with you!
EIRI: Wtf are you talking about? Have you gone insane?
SHUICHI: What's the big deal? You've got more space than you need.
EIRI: What's that to you?
SHUICHI: Look, I'll cook and clean and do the laundry. You won't even notice I'm here. I'll clean your ears and give you shoulder rubs. And when the lights go out, we'll play Master and Servant!
EIRI: Forget it! Have you completely lost your mind?
SHUICHI: But...but... I don't want anyone else to be with you! I've already made up my mind and I won't share you. You know, this is OUR time, so just SHUT UP and let me unleash this zeal I feel!

EIRI (to Shuichi): Were you slow as a child?

EIRI: How can I put this delicately? I'm your average guy, but Shuichi ...when we first met, he fell in love with me because he thought that I was a woman.

EIRI (to Shuichi): The day I met you, out on the street... I should have just backed my car up and killed you.

EIRI: The thing is, when you're happy, I just want to hit you.

EIRI:  I don't understand what love or friendship is. If I did, then Shuichi would mean more.

EIRI (to Shuichi who is screaming): I told you that noise is forbidden when I'm working! Why can't you just jack off quietly and then go to sleep, you stupid punk?

EIRI: If you died a hundred times, it still wouldn't be enough.

HIRO: You've been gone for a week. What have you been doing?
SHUICHI: I've been thinking.
HIRO: You shouldn't do things that aren't meant for you.

EIRI: YEAH! WE'RE HERE, WE'RE QUEER, GET USED TO IT. Does that answer your question?

K: I'll bet that Shuichi must have spent his day off mixing it, licking and banging.
SAKANO (shouting): What? Mixing it up? Shuichi won't do anything that goes against public order and his morals! But licking with Mr. Eiri Yuki... ahhh, my sweet baby?
K: What are you getting so excited about? Mixing, means enjoying yourself at the beach. Licking refers to yummy soft serve ice cream. Banging, means hustling at the mole-hitting game.
SAKANO: *pause* Oh. I knew that.

SHUICHI: There was this really scary guy. And he saw all of it... (talking about Eiri who saw his lyrics)
HIRO (only half listening): What? All of it? Were you peeing in the bushes again, or somethign?
SHUICHI: NOT THAT! The lyrics! He saw my lyrics!

and I end this blog quietly with my all time favourite:

At Shuichi's first concert. He sees Eiri who said that he wouldn't come, but came anyway. Eiri is sulking at the back.
SHUICHI:  EIRI YUKI IS MINE! (announces to the whole concert, realises what he said out loud, has his "oh shit' face on)
EVERYBODY: ..... (there is a long pause)
Eiri smiles for the first time.

Veronica [userpic]


October 4th, 2006 (09:34 am)

current location: smiling my arse off
current mood: rejuvenated
current song: none

Oh man, the anime is so cute.

SHUICHI: Ask me, "Did anything good happen to you?"
HIRO: Did anything good happen to you?
SHUICHI: *love heart eyes*  S.E.C.R.E.T!!
SHUICHI: Now ask me, "Tell me, what is it?" 

SHUICHI (dressed as a giant banana): GO SLIP ON A BANANA PEEL. AND DIE.
*next shot*
A banana peel is lying on the ground. Shuichi is running, looking very upset.
(You can guess what happens)

SHUICHI (about their new band member): He said he was sixteen years old! Sixteen!
Bad Luck is not that kind of band!

SHUICHI: I'm going to perform my first live concert in a place where my idol did. Is that fate?
LITTLE KEYBOARD BRAT: It's called "connections".

SHUICHI: OMG! You're a Ryuichi fan too? What song on his video do you like? I like the 8th one!
TATSHUA: OMG! I like the last one! The one where he gets naked!
TASTUHA (staring at him): Oh. Btw... y ou look a bit like Ryuichi.
SHUICHI (modest smile): eheh. Well, I kind of imitated his hair style. AND I only use the same shampoo....

SHUICHI (upon looking at Hiro's tired face): OMG. YOU DIDN'T....
HIRO: NOOOOOO!!! (I wasn't having sex) IT WAS ONLY KARAOKE. I SWEAR.
HIRO: An all night ... karaoke...bar

Man, the whole thing is making me swoon like an 11 year old.

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